NetDrone Assemble (Showcase)

How to purchase

NetDrone Engine is a very powerful game networking engine to help you develop stand-alone game server and commercialise your real-time multiplayer games perfectly. Now, experience more powerful performance with NetDrone Engine that involves, .NET and Native multiplayer server.

  • We will send a Google Drive link to the email address you entered in your PayPal payment.
This is a service to install NetDrone Assemble products for convenient testing and analysis. (Only Remote service)


  • This package consists of the NetDrone SDK and 7 Example sources and 8 Demos.
  • It has UNLIMITED access and includes Distributed Processing Server Examples for configuring live services.
  • Scaled nodes can be bundled together to handle massively connections.
  • Linux-based Native C++ library is provided, and Server Machine Resources can be used to the Maximum.
  • It is sold only as a B2B product and provides free consulting.


  • High Performance Server Technology
    • A development framework without boundaries between .NET and Native
    • Full support of TCP and reliable UDP
    • Optimized protocol structure
    • All server technologies required for commercialization
  • Distributed server system
    • Design communication between extension nodes and roles
    • Implementation of load balancing between nodes and DBMS
    • Maximum utilization of server system resources
    • All server technologies required for commercialization
  • Proven stability
    • Applied to various online game development
    • Massive live service experience
    • Application of more than 20 years of know-how
    • All server technologies required for commercialization
  • Development convenience
    • Free development on Windows, Linux, Mac
    • Compatibility standard framework consistent with the structure of C# and C++
    • An engine implemented on both the client and server
    • All server technologies required for commercialization


  • System requirements
    • Any device that supports Unity 2019 or later
    • Any device that supports .NET 6.0 or higher
    • Any device that supports Linux/GCC 8.5 or later
    • Any device that supports MySQL 8.0 or higher
  • Recommended OS
    • Windows 10 or later (11 or later when using WSL2)
    • Windows Server 2019 or higher
    • RHEL, Oracle Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Gentoo
    • macOS latest update

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