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We are developer that believes in the power of creative ideas and great design.

We Specialize in


We have experience in developing and commercializing FPS, TPS, and MMORPG.


We have experience developing and commercializing AR/VR multiplayer games.


We have experience commercializing mobile multiplayer games.


The NetDrone engine also runs on PHP servers and provides strong cache performance.


We provide a scalable solution that integrates with your existing systems.


We have a fun ChatBot AI with learning capabilities.

Engine Introductions

It is the optimal networking solution for all applications that require stable real-time response.
  • What is NetDrone Engine
    • The best multiplayer features can be implemented quickly and easily without the need for advanced server technology
    • Stable network play environment can be provided with optimized protocol design
    • Perfectly complements the limitations and defects of design, performance, security, and stability of existing networking engines
    • Perfectly applied from basic service with relatively high difficulty to content development
    • High productivity guaranteed by efficient development process management
    • Provides a fast and powerful security system by applying packet encryption technology suitable for games
  • Technology Concept
    • Binary Based Game Protocol (NDP) support
    • Supports extension protocol (NDP over HTTP) that can work with web servers
    • Reliable TCP/UDP support for secure packet transmission
    • Supports selective packet encryption (RC5/RC6 + Random Key) technology
    • Reusable memory model support
    • Support for automatically setting the number of threads according to the number of CPUs
    • Optimized game log support for analytics
  • Representative Features
    • Networking engine for both client and server
    • Windows, Linux, Mac development environment support
    • Both C# and C++ engines can be developed the same way
    • Client-based P2P host support
    • Support standalone distributed server environment
  • How to Use
    • All multiplayer games such as MMO / MO, RPG, FPS, TPS, Casual, Arcade, VR, AR, etc
    • All services with heavy traffic such as messenger, chatting, video/video, and voice repeater
    • Stock/coin trading, etc